Cree Reinvents the Three-Way Bulb

With three distinctly visible light levels, The 3-Way Cree LED Bulb delivers the perfect illumination for any application.

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NEW!3-way Cree
LED Bulb

Introducing The Room of Enlightenment
You'll never look at light bulbs (or frying bologna)
(or lizards dressed as cats) the same way again.
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Its non-weird shape emits non-weird light.
It looks and works like what it is. A light bulb. And the light it emits is warm and flattering. So your home feels homey, and you look pretty good in it.
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Lasts 25 times longer. So yes, it is the light bulb of the future.
A Cree LED bulb gives you 25,000 hours of light, as opposed to the 1,000 hours you get from a typical incandescent bulb. You have better things to do with your time than change light bulbs.
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