After 20 hours researching dozens of LED light bulbs and testing 10 finalists, The Sweethome named the new Cree 60W Equivalent LED bulb the all-around best option for most people.

Something so small yet powerful enough to change your world

At Cree, we harness this power through LED technology. Whoever said good things come in small packages… was absolutely right. See how better light changes everything in our latest ad campaign

The Word Is Out

Cree's new bulbs deliver on the promise of better light.

The way we think about lighting is going to radically change in the next few years, but right now the big change is to think about quality rather than price, because we might be looking them for a while, and these really are better bulbs.


Treehugger, Sep. 2016

Cree's new line of LEDs promise better performance at a lower price.


CNET, Sep. 2016

Cree has done its job to deliver a steadfast product that delivers an optimal experience.

There’s no reason why Cree’s LED bulbs shouldn’t be purchased on your next visit to the store.


TechnoBuffalo, Sep. 2016

Choose Better.

Raising Expectations for LED Bulbs

See Why Better light matters

Better Light Changes Everything

LED lighting, with its high quality, long life and low energy consumption has improved our world and ended the century old era of traditional light. But for Cree, this is just the beginning. LED technology will go beyond creating good light sources to deliver vastly improved and entirely new light experiences.

At Cree, we call this ‘better light’
and believe it’s your right.

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