cree LED bulb better light

Choose Better.

With many new LED products failing to live up to the promise and potential of LED technology, we believe it’s now more important than ever to give you a better choice.

Shouldn’t you choose a better bulb when it will live in your house for decades?

At Cree, we believe in better light. We know people prefer better light, and we believe you should not compromise when it comes to the light in your home. That’s why we designed no compromise, full featured LED bulbs that enhance and create dynamic living spaces with beautiful light.

Because Better Is Better.

The most frequently asked question we get it is “how do you know what better light looks like?”

Better light improves how your home looks and how it makes you feel. Professionals talk about how it’s the “high color gamut or fidelity and reference a color rendering index” to explain what better light is scientifically. Most of us just know what makes us and our homes look good. We know it when we see it.

People prefer better light – period. That’s a fact.

Why Better Light Matters.