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August 13, 2013

What customers are saying.

"After buying special dimmers and dimmable CFLs in an attempt to be energy efficient, we found the CFLs didn't dim well and flickered. We resorted to 60W incandescent, and THEN tried the Cree LED. We were happy with the soft white color, good dim-ability, true light bulb shape, and of course the energy efficiency. Too bad we invested in special dimmers, as they aren't needed. All our room lighting is now Cree 60 W equivalent LEDs. Product Assembled in USA, also a plus!"Jim N.

"I am really impressed with the color purity and brightness of the high CRI bulbs. I checked out other manufacturers, and they cannot even come close to matching the value."Kent R.

"If an 80% reduction of energy used for lighting interests you, ask me about Cree LED. You will absolutely-see the difference on your electric bill."Peter S.

"In my laundry room / garage entryway I have a lighting fixture tied to a motion sensor. Since there are no windows in there, my intent was always to have the lights come on when we come home or while we are doing laundry without having to think about switching them on. This is a high traffic area when laundry is being done. Anyway, I have NEVER been able to get CFL's or LED bulbs (Even dimmable ones) to work correctly with this motion sensor.. they've always flickered when supposedly "off" if this sensor was active. Well, enter CREE Led lights... two 60W Cree LED bulbs work PERFECTLY in this fixture with the sensor working as intended!! WELL DONE CREE !!!"Donald T.

"My wife and I decided to slowly change over the incandescent bulbs in our house to LED to reduce our electric bill. When we found out that CREE Bulbs are made in the USA these became the only bulbs we will buy. We believe in keeping the USA working and we appreciate that you make the bulbs in the USA. Way to go!!!!! Not to mention that the bulbs are of outstanding quality and the light output is great."Edward O.

"Put another brand LED bulb in an outdoor motion detector light fixture in below zero weather. After a few moments it started to flicker. Put a Cree bulb in fixture instead, works perfectly even at 30 below temps. 40 watt CREE replacements are as bright as a 60 watt incandescent or 60 watt florescent equivalent bulb."Brian O.

"The efficiency and savings of your bulbs are scary. Amazing stuff. So far we've replaced the 'busiest' part of our home with your light bulbs; this month the kitchen and dining room have gone all-LED. We did the main hallway in January. When you look at the savings in wattage alone, it's almost unreal. And the quality of the light and its consistency are absolutely superior to fluorescent bulbs, which were novel in their time."Daniel K.

"The new CREE light bulbs are taking over my house. It is the closest to an incandescent bulb I've ever seen, in fact I can't tell the difference except for the electric bill. In CA the electric is as expensive as the water, thank you CREE for making such a wonderful bulb for us."Clay M.

"These bulbs look so cool! Cannot get over the fact they r cool to the touch! Would love to change all my bulbs out to these !!!"Shelly D.